Entrepreneurs at the
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Entrepreneurial Open Source Podcast

The Entrepreneurial Open Source Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe, sharing practical lessons about how they have built their businesses through open source participation and leadership.


The Hosts

Gaël Blondelle

Gaël (@gblondelle) has been involved in open source for 15 years with the goal of helping companies adopt and develop open source projects and collaborate better. He joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2013 to develop the ecosystem in Europe, and to support the development of work groups at the Eclipse Foundation. Outside of work, Gaël likes spending time with his family and travelling to visit beautiful places in the world.

Thabang Mashologu

Thabang (@t_mashologu) has a passion for open source and building diverse, inclusive communities. Originally an engineer by trade, he currently serves as the VP of Marketing and Corporate Development of the Eclipse Foundation, where he is responsible for global marketing activities and accelerating growth. Outside of work, Thabang loves spending time with his family, running, playing tennis, and making music in his home recording studio.

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